We're an experienced event company based in Johannesburg. Give us a brief, theme and budget and we’ll effortlessly conceptualise and execute your next event in your brand’s voice, whether it’s a nationwide roadshow for a product or service launch, a conference, award show, glamorous gala dinner, or brand activation.  Our event management is second to none. We also provide online streaming  and virtual solutions for events when travel is not possible for attendees.

We create the event content - videos, industrial theatre performances, exhibitions, installations and social media campaigns for your corporate events, while live streaming them to social media platforms and broadcasters. We’ll set up your event Wi-Fi, design smart device games and create a personalised event app. Just have a look at the success of the Singularity University South Africa Summits that we've hosted since August 2017.

Our in-house editors, video team and animation department mean that all your content needs for your event production will be taken care of with no delays or hold ups. The event planning process is guaranteed to be seamless and successful.

From organising the MC and speakers to the menu and venue, we’ll take care of it all, alongside the venue décor, ideal welcome cocktail that reflects your brand's identity and thank you gifts. Mann Made’s eventing team will mediate between you and your service providers to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and so you can keep doing what you do best.

Singularity University SA Summit

As the exclusive African Partner of Singularity University, Mann Made produces every aspect of the Singularity University South Africa Summit, from logistics, to content, to the selection of exhibitors at the innovation hub. 

We compile all digital elements, provide live broadcasting facilities, a comprehensive social media campaign, the event app and gamification elements to boost attendee participation.

The global Singularity University team has named our events the world's most successful editions of SingularityU due to our impressive event management.

Barclays Africa Roadshow

Barclays Africa was looking for an innovative way to inspire 20 000 Barclay's staff across Africa and position their new strategy.

Drawing parallels between Barclays' African journey and Muhammed Ali's Rumble in the Jungle, we created a six-scene narrative that involved live action with actors, archival footage and video recreations in a smoothly executed roadshow.

Winner of the Silver Loerie for Live Event - 2014

Oslo Freedom Forum

Mann Made rolled out the first ever Oslo Freedom Forum event on the African continent, including marketing, eventing and expo.

The Oslo Freedom Forum is a transformative annual conference where the world's most engaging human rights advocates, artists, tech entrepreneurs, and world leaders meet to share their stories and brainstorm ways to expand freedom and unleash human potential across the globe.

Defy FC Barcelona

We designed an immersive, three-part campaign that utilises Augmented Reality to transport viewers to FC Barcelona's home stadium of Camp Nou. This was used in a series of very successful in-store brand activations.

The first phase of the AR campaign was the Believe in Better Facebook selfie. The second phase of the AR Campaign, the table-top stadium, rolled out across South Africa in May 2018.

For the final phase of the campaign, we partnered with Craft, a Barcelona-based production company, to shoot the 360-degree video footage, alongside still photography of the stadium, which in the post-production process was built in to a customised AR app that uses Apple's AR Kit.


We conceptualise and execute both client-based and consumer-based road shows across the country and continent, based on our clients’ objectives. Whether they be product or service launches tied in with a nationwide campaign or internal employee engagement events, we’ll bring your message to life.

From conceptualisation to long-term execution, our Mann Made events team has what it takes to ensure your below-the-line advertising campaign reflects your business goals and reaches your desired outcome. Communication and teamwork is our strong point – our national team of experts can also manage a number of elements within a road show, such as: video production or live broadcast streaming, industrial theatre components and social media campaigns. We can also create eye-catching installations that match your brand identity and design smart device games too.

Barclays Roadshow

No job is ever to big and no brief is ever too ‘out there’ for the Mann Made team. We even went as far as constructing a boxing ring, as a stage, to execute Barclays’ The Undisputed Heavyweight Banking Champion of Africa roadshow.

We created a six-scene narrative that involved live action with actors, archival footage and video recreations of The Rumble in the Jungle boxing event between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. This was an innovative way to inspire 20 000 of Barclay’s staff by drawing parallels between the bank’s comeback journey to become the number one bank in Africa and Ali’s victory. Between scenes, key Barclays’ staff did short presentations on how the lessons learned could be applied to business and Barclays. We kept the energy high with show-stopping music and dance performances.

Silver Loeries Winner


The SAB Responsible Trader Programme

The SAB Responsible Trader Programme was a response to government pressure to regulate the industry, to turn around bad publicity resulting from irresponsible trading practices and move away from previous campaigns that proved ineffective. Mann Made Media created a character and world that taverners across South Africa could relate to, through the use of high-quality industrial theatre and edutainment such as interactive quizzes and prizes.We entertained and educated over 22 000 taverners who all took a quiz at the end of the show and collectively scored over 80% in the quiz. It was highly successful and adopted by SAB Miller global as best practice when doing a roadshow.

Standard Bank Moving Forward

The Standard Bank Moving Forward road show was a one-of-a-kind concept that was conceived and brought to life in just two months to engage with thousands of staff members across the world. Using the theme making the right connections, every element of the show was designed to facilitate connections between people and ideas; an interactive app that encouraged attendees to connect with each, a set designed to illustrate Standard Bank connecting the world to Africa and vice versa helped to weave the thread through the story. Mann Made also collaborated with Magna Carta and TBWA/Hunt Lascaris to produce and package a digital toolkit for every Standard Bank branch worldwide. The show was extremely successful.


We believe in the power of exponential thinking and are proud to say that we hosted the inaugural Singularity University South Africa Summit in August 2017. It started the journey to #futureproofAfrica.

Mann Made has experience in organising and running internal and external conferences around Africa.We'll take care of the floor plan, branding, exhibitors' stands and even the health and safety requirements to ensure everything goes according to plan. Mann Made can also produce an event video, interactive digital walls and interstitial sorbet videos to be screened at the conference, alongside live broadcast coverage and event Wi-Fi. Be environmentally friendly and choose to have an event app rather than a brochure. From A to Z, trust us, we have it covered.

Singularity University South Africa Summit 2017

Mann Made oversaw every aspect of the inaugural Singularity University South Africa Summit from the ticketing and venue to the selection of exhibitors at the innovation hub. We also compiled all the digital elements, provided live-broadcasting facilities, a comprehensive social media campaign and created an app with a gamification element to boost attendee participation. The global Singularity University team has named it one of the world’s most successful editions of SingularityU.

Standard Bank PBB Indaba

The Standard Bank PBB Indaba is an annual event, and in 2012, Mann Made Media took the reins to celebrate the bank’s 150-year anniversary by dramatising the corporate culture and pride and celebrating the bank’s humanity. Live stage action and on-screen storytelling integrated to bring the conference to life and it resulted in a colourful and rewarding experience. “Of all the groups, in all the world, this is the best conference I’ve ever had the privilege of attending,” said Peter Wharton-Hood, who was the Group Deputy Chief Executive at the time.

Standard Bank TPS Internal Conference

This internal conference for Standard Bank’s TPS was held in April and May 2016 at The Turbine Hall and The Venue. Our mission was to create an interactive connections game and smartphone app that easily described the client’s new five-year strategy to their top executives from around the country. Our Interactive Design team got to working on creative approaches that were informative, easy to follow and fun to ensure that Standard Bank’s strategy was memorable to all who attended.

Award Shows

Whether it's a glamorous gala dinner at a top hotel or an intimate awards show you're after, leave everything – from the smallest to the largest details – to Mann Made's experienced events and activations team. We understand the importance of the seemingly insignificant elements, like the welcome cocktail that best reflects your brand's identity to the décor and thank you gifts. Our captivating award presentation videos and animations will keep attendees on the edge of their seats, as will the entertainment. Our awards are never boring, everyone leaves feeling like a winner.

Sunday Times Top Brands Awards

The Sunday Times Top Brands Awards came down to the wire for the Mann Made team as we worked around the theme “What a year, What a country, What a brand”. With a fresh and cheeky take on the theme, guests instantly engaged with iconic South African brands as they entered the venue in the form of live performers and branded decor elements in the reception, as well as an exhibition of photographs from the Sunday Times newspaper digitally manipulated to incorporate popular brands in a fun way. An on-screen video wallpaper looped the top 10 South African adverts of all time intercut with a sequence of title animations using a custom-made font based on iconic SA shapes and colours. We also devised a fresh animation technique for the awards themselves, using brand logos as pixels to dramatise forty categories and the winner in each category. “Working with Mann Made was a great experience,” said Natalie Stephan, then head of marketing and CRM at Avusa Newspapers. “What a creative team. It’s been our best awards to date.”

SAB KickStart Awards

The SAB KickStart National Awards offer significant outcome-based business training, individual onsite business mentorship and start-up capital to carefully selected entrepreneurs with the most promising businesses.

Industrial Theatre

We love seeing the audience's’ animated faces during our industrial theatre performances. Industrial theatre easily explains an in-house strategy in an entertaining manner. It makes use of exhilarating scripted and rehearsed performances on set with full costume and make-up as well as sound and lighting. This is a proven way to translate a company's strategy to its staff, or new products and services to customers. And the best part is seeing the audience get involved in the performance.

 Over the last few years, we’ve worked closely with various multinational companies to illustrate their long-term strategies to their suppliers in an easy-to-understand manner. These industrial theatre performances can be further enhanced through videos or animations. Any Mann Made-run event can also include an industrial theatre component.

MMI Loerie Entry Motivation

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

What was our challenge?

Four organisations merged into MMI Holdings, and had recently undergone an industrious journey to redefine their values and culture, and were challenged on how to build one, unified culture – the MMI way. We saw this challenge as an opportunity to galvanise all employees and our BIG idea was to make them FEEL something.

We wanted them to see themselves and through emotion and storytelling, bringing the 6 values of Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Diversity, Innovation
and Excellence to life through connection. 

What was the solution?

We came up with the LET’S CONNECT National Theatre Roadshow, designed to touch their hearts and unite, ignite and inspire the employees through shared experience, illustrating how their individual roles shape the company culture and are connected to the entire organization; making them laugh at themselves and each other while they learn.

44 shows. 17 days. 4 cities. 8600 employees; connecting every member of the organisation to the MMI way, enabling them to understand: Who are we? Why are we here? What are we doing? How are we doing it?

Through research, we uncovered the human truths that made employees feel something, re-enacting real scenarios with real emotion for them to identify the wrong and right way to handle them; which was key to communicating the brand message.

What was the result?

We crafted an immersive experience to mirror the MMI landscape for our target audience. Cited as better than Broadway, our results speak for themselves with employee testimonials and a repeat audience who just couldn’t get enough of the show, as well as the implementation of the MMI way throughout the organization.

An unparalleled program of edutainment that educated whilst it entertained, we cemented the connection with the MMI way anthem, connecting employees to the values, to each other and to MMI; and extended the lifespan of the show with a live to video narrative to keep the MMI way living on long after the curtain call, as a connective tool for strategic focus.

Employees across the board are still humming the MMI way anthem, as they continue to connect the dots between who they are, and who they want to become, between what they do every day and the bigger picture. 

Standard Bank PBB Indaba

A corporate theatre production created for the Standard Bank Personal and Business Banking “Indaba”, at the occasion of their 150 year anniversary.

Telkom Mobile Business Launch Event

A high tech, high-impact launch event we created for Telkom Business – featuring interactive gesture-controlled screens, live music and industrial theatre to bring the brand to life.


Are you launching a new product or service? Well then, you need Mann Made on your team. Whether you're presenting internally to your staff or externally to your customers, we'll help get your message across. In our close to 20 years of experience, we've seen that below-the-line advertising campaigns are exceptionally effective in getting your brand message to the right people. Depending on what you’re looking for, we can also incorporate videos, industrial theatre performances, exhibitions and social media strategies into your launches.

BMW Press Launch

Mann Made Media produced the PR launch for BMW’s Springbok Sponsorship Launch. Too often a launch is seen as a regular day to day event. Mann Made wanted to create something unique and special. The theme of from Tarmac to Turf was developed and was the thread through which all the touch points were designed. We built an audiovisual installation that recreated the visceral experience of walking down a tunnel alive with the sounds of anticipation, and then running into a packed stadium that explodes with a panorama of passionate supporters.


We’ll bring your trade expo to life by organising everything from securing your ideal venue to the floor plan, building exhibition stands, décor and catering.

Similar to the conferences we host, we can also provide promotional corporate videos for screening at the expo, as well as live broadcast coverage. We’ll help you keep up with the times by hosting your event Wi-Fi and creating a customisable event app detailing all of the expo’s elements.

UNISA Science Fair

For National Science Week, Mann Made Media’s brief was to advance Unisa’s goal of being the go-to university for science education and research, with its custom-built laboratories and cutting-edge equipment. Mann Made had to conceptualise and bring to life a seven-day event experience featuring a jam-packed schedule of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, laboratory demonstrations and walk-abouts. The official launch was hosted at the Florida science campus on 30 July to kick start the week and featured a theatrical piece, a four-part praise poem to celebrate the foundations of the building, the new facilities and National Science Week. It also served as the launchpad for the unveiling of all the building’s new names. Mann Made Media designed an innovative microsite to facilitate the naming process and ensure it ran smoothly. We also encouraged a voting system for students to propose names they would like through the use of their student numbers.

SingularityU South Africa Summit Expo

Mann Made oversaw every aspect of the inaugural Singularity University South Africa Summit from the ticketing and venue to the selection of exhibitors at the innovation hub. We also compiled all the digital elements, provided live-broadcasting facilities, a comprehensive social media campaign and created an app with a gamification element to boost attendee participation. The global Singularity University team has named it one of the world’s most successful editions of SingularityU.


Many of our clients ask us, “How can we make our brand stick in the minds of our customers?” Our answer? Activations! These are exciting consumer-facing events that may include numerous elements based on the client’s brief, such as product launches and product samplings, giveaways and installations, and can be backed by a social media campaign and live broadcasting. We’ve hosted activations as a road race set up, at national sports events, bars and restaurants, as well as shopping outlets across the continent. We’ve interacted with hundreds of thousands of consumers in this way.

Activations are engaging ways that tell your company's story in imaginative ways and make your product or service memorable. We'll handle the event hosts, promoters, actors, design and set, costumes and props, and can produce the video elements too.

Absa Mzansi Market

This internal activation held for Absa Barclays staff aimed to encourage product knowledge and take-up within the business. The thinking was that if Absa staff, in various client-facing roles, are using the company’s products they will be that much more adept at selling them to clients. This branded activation was run across five sites over two days and presented to over 10 000 Absa employees. It resulted in a sizeable amount of sign ups to Absa products with an ROI in the millions of rands.

Each employee received an invitation to this farmers market-themed activation with food stalls, spin and wins, photo booths, raffles as well as a game show element with giveaways. The MC and performers gave the activation a carnivalesque atmosphere. And 92% of participants said they enjoyed the activation.

Domestos Activation

This 10-week Domestos activation took our team around the country from Johannesburg to Durban to undertake 20 activations. The activation drive encouraged consumers to buy Domestos products to qualify for the draw to win a kitchen makeover and giveaways. Our team built a moveable gig rig in the likeness of a kitchen and toilet. We organised everything from the competition dynamics and programme to the prizes, entertainment as well as the promotion of the activation.