Animation Overview

“Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” – Walt Disney 

2D Animation

You need a 2D animated video. And Mann Made can create it for you. We have a talented in-house animation team that creates compelling 2D animated videos, from the initial idea, right through to completion. We conceptualise, script, storyboard, design and animate your video, then put the cherry on top with some sick sound design and post-production.Whether it’s an explainer video you need, an infographic, logo reveal, a television commercial or a website video – the sky’s the limit! Our unforgettable 2D animated videos are tailor-made to your specifications.

Family Premiere

Mann Made’s interactive design team created a mobile app where you can get your personal home movies edited in no time, by human editors. Why human editors? Because they are better at editing than bots (yes, those guys) and can correctly distinguish the beautiful moments you want to see in your movies. And what better way to describe our app than a beautifully hand-animated explainer video. Thanks to our 2D character animation expertise, we get it done elegantly and fast. Why not download Family Premiere on the App Store to see for yourself?


We're a little animal crazy here at Mann Made – our furry friends are more like family and we welcome pets at the office. So when Cardies tasked us to create a trio of 2D animations advertising their pet treats and to remind people to consider their pets during the holiday season, we jumped at the chance. We had a great time making them – from the storyboard and illustration to character design and animation. Cuteness was key and the commercials, which were screened in cinemas during the festive season were a hit and reminded pet owners that their fur babies need a little Christmas cheer too.

Barloworld Changemaker

Who doesn't want to be a changemaker or a catalyst for innovation? This 2D animated video was aimed at the pioneers of our client's company, those who find new ways of solving old problems. An animated video, honouring the changemakers and innovators, was a great way to engage and ignite interest in the company's awards event. The design was electric, the animation was slick and all who watched the video were inspired. That’s just how Mann Made rolls!

3D Animation and Visual Effects

3D animation is an entertaining way to illustrate your idea, whether you require 3D elements and visual effects composited into real-life footage or an entirely 3D animated video, at Mann Made we do it all.

We create all the necessary 3D assets as well as the character and environment designs. We’ll storyboard the video so you know what to expect, and once you’re happy, we get to animating. 3D is a solid and accurate way to portray situations and environments you can't replicate in reality – or if you simply want something more interesting than the bare minimum of video footage. If you require compositing and visual effects, we have a green-screen studio where we shoot high-quality video. From there, we key and composite all the good stuff – those fancy visual effects you see in the movies and on TV.

We do games, television commercials, 3D visualisations and flythroughs, logo animations, corporate videos, virtual and augmented reality for events and anything your mind can conceive of. The possibilities are endless in the animation world.

Kitty Bingo

Animals are the cutest things ever and for this Kitty Bingo project we had an adorable cat and dog play roles in a visual effects television commercial. As you can imagine, filming an animal isn't an easy task and having a cat and a dog on the same set takes things to another level. The best way to handle this was to film them individually on green screen and use the power of visual effects to composite them into the same shots and animate a CGI paw interacting with the dog. Watch it for yourself.

Magical Vegas

'Magical Vegas' is the title of this animated CGI and live-action television commercial, which makes it pretty much self-explanatory. It's Vegas that magically appears right in front of you in your home. Our film crew captured the actor on set and from there we took the resulting footage, tracked it and created 3D assets to place into the scene. After some blood, sweat and tears – just kidding, it was a breeze for us – we had 3D animations to composite into our footage and voila! We had some robots building a casino right in the protagonist’s kitchen. And it was all done with the magic of filming, 3D animated computer graphics, compositing and our trademark Mann Made panache.


We teamed up with our friends at Output Games and put together a series of visual effects shorts, or memory fragments, for Echoplex. Perplexing psychological mind- melting mazes are the name of the game in this first-person puzzler. What looks like huge canteens, expensive facilities and masses of people is just us making movie magic with a handful of crew and actors. Lots of careful compositing went into the making of these and with a meticulous director everything had to be the right standard.

Motion Graphics

Mann Made’s skillful design and animation teams work together to create captivating motion graphics videos to help our clients’ brands stand out from the crowd.

Motion graphics are a great way to capture and keep your audience’s attention. Give your designs that extra vivacity with animated elements that will encompass your brand’s identity. We use great design and whimsical animation to communicate the necessary information according to our clients’ briefs.

Stand out. Inform. Entertain.


When an opportunity to produce quirky 2D animation and motion graphics presents itself, we dive right into the project with gusto. This is what happened when Fiverr, the US-based online freelance services marketplace, asked us to create a series of animations and GIFs that advertise their myriad of unique services. After we had a look-and-feel established and an accompanying storyboard, we got started on our favourite part – the animation process. Interesting transitions and humorous designs provided a fun and engaging way to advertise a selection of Fiverr's various offerings, while explaining how their provided services could be utilised through descriptive captions. The end result is perfect for social media sharing and versatile enough to be shown on TV too.


Corporate title sequences are usually synonymous with the "skip this" button – most of us equate them with boring text that comes before or after the good stuff. But that’s not the case with this animated sequence. We took inspiration from Guy Ritchie's Snatch and with some motion graphics, visual effects, photoshop, and a bit of grunge all composited together, we produced a title sequence that would make even the most attention-deficient of us want to see more. We took photos and some live footage of our stars with their props on a green screen, and had the images treated and graded by our stellar graphic design department. After that, we brought it all together in animation, keying out the footage, compositing the treated images and throwing in some edgy motion graphics and VFX for that little extra kick.

Halls Ripe Range

Avocado is a super fruit and Halls is a super brand. But to deliver on this project in less than a week, just ahead of avocado season was something super too. Halls tasked us with creating a promotional video that narrated how their avocado range goes from farm to plate, with the help of industry-leading methods. Timing was crucial. Our scriptwriters typed away, our design team established the treatment for the animation, and keyframe after keyframe our animators put together a slick infographic ready for YouTube and social media. Boom!

Whiteboard Videos

Looking for a cost-effective medium for dynamic marketing material - an animated infographic, explainer video or even social media videos? Try out our animated whiteboard videos! These are not your standard , hand drawn whiteboard videos, shot in-studio- so you don't need to factor in camera, lighting and video capturing costs. Not to mention we're saving trees by not using paper!

With more flexibility afforded to you with our 2d animation process, your video will stand out from all the traditional whiteboard videos you see online. And our efficient workflow means it's all streamlined and a really quick and easy process.

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