Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative way to immerse your audience in a whole new world. Bring customers closer to your brand in ways that are not possible with traditional media.

Virtual Meeting Spaces and Events with V-Hive

VR allows you to meet with anyone at any time, no matter where they are in the world. Meet in a custom-made virtual space, using personalised avatars that look just like you!

Virtual Walkthroughs and Visualisations

Create virtual walkthroughs where people may experience “presence” in a location that’s ordinarily out of their reach such as an overseas branch or distant premises.

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VR Training can offer an affordable solution compared to ordinary training hardware. Bring the tools to the user in Virtual Reality where the environment is safer and hardware is more accessible.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative way to immerse your audience in a whole new world. Bring customers closer to your brand in ways that are not possible with traditional media.


Get your phone out, go to and point to the anchor below in the advert. Get users to enter a competition, download an app, visit a website or watch a video. This is the ultimate lead generation tool for maximum uptake and works on any smartphone.


What was the challenge?

Defy approached us to conceptualise a stand-out campaign to highlight their new product offerings, as well as their global sponsorship of FC Barcelona. They wanted a fresh and innovative approach to what they had done in the past, and were looking to disrupt their campaign and take it to the next level. We saw this challenge as an opportunity to believe in better and explore one of the greatest disruptors, through the realm of augmented reality (AR), to transport their audience with an unforgettable experience and innovative marketing solutions to create positive change.

What was the solution?

Rooted in the realm of AR, we decided to use exponential technology to take Defy viewers to new worlds, and to excite and ignite their imaginations through a disruptive brand activation. We designed an immersive three-part campaign that utilised AR to bring Barcelona to South Africans using technology tailored to their needs.

Social media is one of the biggest platforms to share information, and the first phase of the AR campaign was the Believe in Better Facebook selfie, designed to exemplify the Defy tagline to Believe in Better. These specially created camera filters, similar to those found on SnapChat and Instagram, were created by our animation team to take selfies with filters of FC Barcelona face paint, glasses and hats for the real FC Barcelona fan! With a simple snapshot, fans were transported to Camp Nou with a call to action to visit Defy retailers to stand chance to win a trip to Barcelona. 

The second phase of the AR campaign, the table-top stadium, rolled out across South Africa in May 2018, where hundreds of thousands of leaflets were inserted into Makro catalogues nationwide to inform customers of the campaign. They were designed by our interactive design team to include a Defy AR trigger that could be activated with any smartphone via an internet browser, thus not requiring an application download. It allowed the customers to experience the excitement of visiting the Camp Nou stadium in 3D table-top format, with fireworks and FC Barcelona fans going wild in the background.

As Paulo Coelho said, “nothing can substitute experience,” and for the third and final phase of the AR Campaign, we partnered with Craft, a Barcelona-based production company, to shoot 360-degree video footage, alongside still photography of the Camp Nou stadium, which was built into a customised application that uses Apple’s ARKit in post-production. The portal transported customers into another world using AR. It worked with live in-store portal displays, whereby customers walked through the portal holding an iPad and wearing Defy-branded earphones, and out into the stadium, using a 360-degree looped video. As they got closer to field, the crowd got louder and they were able to immerse themselves in the experience of being at Camp Nou for an FC Barcelona match. We had a stadium with close to 100 000 seats, that our animation team got to work on, to composite our cast into a crowd of thousands of FC Barcelona supporters. Customers could engage in this experience at their leisure, as AR is an on-demand technology designed to suit people’s lifestyles.

What was the result?

We built a function using the popularity of Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram to  bring Barcelona to them using the power of AR. We were also able to interact with FC Barcelona fans by transporting them to the stadium in their football parephenalia, as well as through our in-store stadium experience. Our results speak for themselves with a flood of Facebook profile pictures using the filters, as well as countless competition entries for a chance to visit Camp Nou. We inspired fans to believe in better, and saw thousands take a virtual trip to Camp Nou in store.

Sales skyrocketed for Defy over the duration of the campaign, with an increase in sales.

There is a lot of noise in marketing, but this was an initiative that allowed Defy to believe in better and stand out amongst its’ competitors with a memorable campaign that offered something new and immersive, at a time that suited the audience, thus allowing for increased engagement. 

People want to engage with a campaign when it suits them, not when they drive past a billboard or while a commercial is playing and AR is something that affords us the opportunity to connect much more personally with our audience.

With many fans still keeping their FC Barcelona x Defy filtered pictures on their socia media platforms, as well as the talkability of the stadium experience, it allowed the campaign to live on long after the football match and truly succeeded in taking football fans across South Africa to Barcelona with a filter, a smartphone, an iPad and a set of headphones.


For the SingularityU South Africa Summit, we were tasked with creating a continuous engagement platform for the media. At the launch of the Summit they were given a journal with codes and dates and ONE LINK. This link loads various models with call to actions relevant to the events and announcements leading up to the Summit.


Please go to on your phone browser. Select the AR button. Allows access to your camera and turn your phone to landscape. Point your camera at the icon in the frame.