Virtual Meeting Spaces and Events with V-Hive

Virtual Reality allows you to meet with anyone at any time, no matter where they are in the world. Gone are the days of conference calls and video meetings - with V-Hive, you can host meetings, seminars, events and conferences with everyone in the same virtual room. Share presentations and content on multiple screens, and stream it all on Youtube to increase engagement. Participants can also join the meeting from their laptop or desktop via a link. Meet in a custom-made virtual space, using personalised avatars that look just like you!

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative way to immerse your audience in a whole new world. Bring customers closer to your brand in ways that are not possible with traditional media.

Virtual Walkthroughs and Visualisations

Virtual Reality is a great way to get people engaged and entertained during your events. We have VR meditation and wellness experiences available, and can also create bespoke VR experiences to your specifications. Perfect for corporate events and activations, teambuilding or wellness days for employees. We provide the virtual experience as well as the headsets and experienced facilitators. Get in touch now for more information or to book with us.

VR Meditation Sessions
Virtual Reality Meditation

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) combines the real world with the virtual world. It's a great way to get people engaged during events, activations, brand promotions and roadshows, as well as an effective method of creating a buzz on social media - #augmentedrealityFTW! Get users to enter a competition, download an app, visit a website or watch a video. This is the ultimate lead generation tool for maximum uptake and works on any smartphone.

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Get your phone out, go to and point to the anchor below in the advert. 


For the SingularityU South Africa Summit, we created a continuous engagement platform for the media. At the launch of the Summit they were given a journal with codes and dates and ONE LINK. This link loads various models with call to actions relevant to the events and announcements leading up to the Summit.


Please go to on your phone browser. Select the AR button. Allows access to your camera and turn your phone to landscape. Point your camera at the icon in the frame.

Cover design for a journal for SU event