Video Overview

Video is how we started all those years ago (18, to be precise). These days we shoot an average of 150 days a year and have well over 2 000 videos to show for it.

We conceptualise, produce and execute a full service of videos. Mann Made makes any kind of video you can imagine, from viral videos for social media to television adverts, documentaries, as well as live streaming at your conferences and awards ceremonies. Our clients’ videos clock up hundreds of thousands of online views and have also been screened in cinemas around the world. 

We’ll create a treatment based on your brief. It’ll include all the creative elements of video production from the scripted storyboard to the actors, set design, costumes and props. The treatment will help you understand the look and feel of your video before our team of creatives, videographers, producers, editors, as well as our pre- and post-production whizzes execute it. 

From the serious stuff like corporate videos and fly-throughs to the fun stuff like 360-degree videos with virtual reality components and viral online videos we do it all. Our videos will transport you to new worlds. 

Online Videos

At Mann Made we understand that virality is the currency of the digital age, that YouTube is the world's second largest search engine and that social media platforms have billions of daily video views. We understand that shareable content needs to be topical and narrate a captivating story that places the audience at its centre.

We execute each project with a fast turnaround time and are not afraid to pull long hours, so your video gets out soonest, while it’s still current. Mann Made has a fluid understanding of all the elements of a viral video.

Standard Bank Iron Man (Online video)

We partnered with one of our long-time clients Standard Bank to produce, shoot and edit these two-part, goosebump-inducing, minute-long videos to promote the Siyaphambili triathlon participation programme at the Ultimate Iron Man race in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. It required early call times and pristine drone shots to capture the dedication and endurance that’s required of the athletes to complete this triathlon, which is something we know a little bit about ourselves at Mann Made when it comes to our work.

SingularityU Biosciences

We produced a selection of promotional videos prior to and after the inaugural Singularity University South Africa Summit 2017, while providing live streaming services too. The videos were shared hundreds of times across various social media platforms and got our audiences talking about how we’re going to future-proof Africa. Mann Made produced the entire Singularity University South Africa Summit from start to finish.

Video Commercials

You've probably seen Mann Made's award-winning television commercials on the box and the big screen, whether they're five-second clips or full 60-second TVCs. Our production team and creative directors go to any length to execute your innovative ideas in your brand's voice, whether it's shot in our fully-equipped studio, on set or on location. And we'll take care of all the special effects too, from motion graphics to compositing visual design.

Hundreds of local and multinational brands have trusted our powerful storytelling techniques to share their story with millions of viewers worldwide.

Magical Vegas

This 30-second animated CGI and live-action television commercial was our second collaboration with UK-based Spacebar Media. Our film crew captured the actor on set, tracked the footage and created 3D animations to composite into our footage and voila – we had photo-real assembly-line robots building a casino in his kitchen. This was all done with the magic of filming, 3D-animated computer graphics, compositing and, of course, our trademark Mann Made panache.

Iron man

We partnered with one of our long-time clients Standard Bank to shoot two minute-long videos to promote the Siyaphambili triathlon participation programme at the Ultimate Iron Man race in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii – one for TV and another for online. It required early call times and pristine drone shots to capture the dedication and endurance that’s required of the athletes to complete this triathlon, which is something we know a little bit about ourselves at Mann Made when it comes to our work.

Kitty Bingo

This 30-second television commercial for online casino Kitty Bingo, based in the United Kingdom, used live animals with a combination of blue screen and 3D effects to pull off a convincing performance. Our skilled animators and the seamless editing process helped put it all together. We promise that no animals were hurt in the making of this TV commercial.


Our creative production team will narrate your brand's story as if it were an epic film. In fact, we treat any project as if it were an Epic because we understand that your story is unique. From the strategy, creative concept and scriptwriting to the storyboarding, shooting and post-production, we’ll ensure that your brand’s narrative comes to life.

We’re here to tell your story and our extensive experience allows us to deliver quickly without compromising on the high quality we've become known for in the industry. We'll show the world what you do best!

Beyond Payments

For the Standard Bank Beyond Payments corporate video, we created a reality in a cashless world that is defined by connectivity, where fully digitised transactions are based on touch surfaces on a central device. This visually appealing and easy-to-understand narrative followed an ordinary man as he interacted with various surfaces in his home and office. Our animation team tracked the footage and composited the effects over it. The final cut made use of visual effects, motion graphics and animation. All part of a day’s work for the Mann Made animation team!


We produced this 12-minute long corporate video on the 125th anniversary of Halls’ establishment. The flythroughs and drone footage give the viewer an understanding of the magnitude of their operations, as well as their extensive history. This insightful corporate video also showcases everyone involved in production and the smooth running of this South African brand from the board members to the employees.

Momentum Culture

Momentum is no ordinary company, so this was no ordinary corporate video. We used documentary storytelling techniques to bring across the people and the culture that makes this company unique.

Event Content

The Mann Made production team is equipped to cover multiple simultaneous events each day, whether they're in South Africa or elsewhere on the continent. We provide the full package. We’ll take care of customised opening videos with multiple screen formats, built in-line with the set as well as digital content to amplify various touch points leading up to, during and after your event. We do it all from interactive digital walls to interstitial sorbet videos, as well as live streaming to multiple broadcasters and social media platforms. Trust us to capture a behind-the-scenes perspectives that provides insight into the essence of your event, conference or live performance. Just take a look at some of our projects.

Telkom Mobile Business Launch

We’re experimental in nature and love conceptualising creative and entertaining game plans for our projects, especially when our clients play along. We shot the actor in this video in our studio against a green screen with various props. The background came to life, with the help of compositing, as he was seen driving and flying in animated cars and planes, until we walked off the animated digital screen and onto stage in front of a live audience at the Telkom event

Singularity University

Mann Made is exceptionally proud to have hosted the inaugural Singularity University South Africa Summit. It brought together over 1 200 African policymakers and changemakers from various sectors such as banking, insurance, mining and medical to encourage. We organised everything from start to finish, including the interactive digital walls, interstitial sorbet videos, live streaming to multiple broadcasters and social media platforms, as well as the promotional and wrap up videos.

Oslo Freedom Forum 2018

Live Production

Our highly-skilled production team is geared with a multi-camera set-up to work under the pressures of live broadcasting and streaming to various social media platforms as well as local and international television stations. Whether we’re shooting a live performance, conference or award show, you can expect seamless transitions and quality reels of footage.

Corona Cinco de Mayo

We had a number of roving cameras covering the fun and action at the first-ever Corona Cinco de Mayo event at 1@Fox in downtown Johannesburg. The Mann Made team took care of everything from live streaming to digital social media boards as well as the wrap up event video.

Million Dollar Poker Tournament

Mann Made produced a number of 10-minute episodes for the inaugural Sun City Million Dollar Poker Tournament with the help of live footage, animation and graphics. We captured the pressure, the sweat on the players’ foreheads and each of their moves that was edited in an engaging Quentin Tarantino-like manner complete with captivating visuals and freeze frames.

SAB Responsible Trader Roadshow

In partnership with our client SAB (AB InBev), we produced four educational videos about responsible alcohol consumption. During eight days of shooting around South Africa we produced four narrative stories that also featured interviews with industry experts and emergency personnel. The videos were shot in studio, on location and also included elements of industrial theatre. They were screened to SAB suppliers as part of the annual SAB Responsible Trader Roadshow.


Telling stories is what we do best at Mann Made, whether it's on the ground, guerrilla-style, from the sky with our drones or on set. From short doccies (up to 12 minutes long) for international television stations to full-length features, we've done it all. Mann Made can help you conceptualise, shoot, edit and produce top-line documentaries in any genre. Our clients' documentaries have been part of film festivals and awards ceremonies, and have been screened around the world in cinemas and online.e.

Buffelshoek Trust: Dust Dreams

This eight-minute-long mini doccie is a feather in Mann Made’s cap. It follows the work of The Buffelshoek Trust to uplift rural communities in Limpopo. It tells the story of the people and their daily lives through powerful narrative techniques that are fluidly directed and come to life. Dust Dreams illustrates the high calibre of skills of our producers, directors, editors and post-production team.


At Mann Made, we proudly stand behind meaningful causes and the SANBS is certainly one of them. We were honoured to create a series of educational videos based on the true stories of selfless blood donors, who have saved countless lives, as well as uplifting stories of those who have been saved thanks to their blood donations. These short doccies were screened at the SANBS Awards Dinner. We know we had successfully executed the brief, when we saw tears streaming down the faces of the audience.

Handy Andy Home Show

For this project we combined reality TV with advertising to create a unique home makeover show for Handy Andy. Ordinary South Africans were given the chance to have a room in their home transformed by a professional renovation team in no more than 16 hours.

You need a 2D The work included cleaning, painting, replastering and even building in some cases. Our production crew shot 11 episodes in 10 days. It was a race against time (and the weather), but we pulled off a highly successful series of 10 two-minute shows, 30-second promos and five-second stings, as well as an intro sequence created using 3D animation and compositing. There’s nothing we can’t do!

360 Videos

Whether it’s 360-degree live action shooting or 3D-animated environments, we design high definition 360-degree videos to create an immersive experiences and new ways of narrating stories. Our content can be activated through social media platforms, like Facebook and YouTube, or through customised live activations to suit the market, using either the Oculus, HTC Vive or Google Cardboard.

Carling Black Label

We gave South African football fanatics the chance to become a coach or player for either the Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates by successfully identifying the award-winning champion beer in a blind-taste challenge at taverns around the country. The custom-made app, created by our interactive design team, offered live reporting features. Each team could keep track of the scores at any time and from any location. Mann Made led 175 Carling Black Label activations around South Africa in May, June and July 2013, reaching close to 20 000 people.

Singularity University Exponential Socialisation Kits

The Singularity University media socialisation kit, sent to all participating media, included a cardboard VR lens kit, which could be used to watch our virtual reality Singularity University videos. This immersive video experience, which mimics real life, allowed the media insights into what they could expect at this revolutionary conference. At Mann Made, we believe that virtual reality videos are about to go mainstream. Expect them to be the norm very soon.