Your Event Doesn’t Have to Die. Move it to VR

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By Robyn Daly

Change is inevitable in business, especially with the exponential rate technology is moving at. Rapidly evolving business landscapes and circumstances outside our control – like Covid-19 – mean that now, more than ever, we have to be open to change and agility .

As we all know, live events – for now – are dead. As are face-to-face meetings, conferences, seminars…. Many people across the globe aren’t even allowed to leave their homes. South Africa has just started a 21-day lockdown. But the shows must go on.

Virtual Reality is a great way to leverage the technology we have to keep our businesses running. VR means that we can still meet – it just needs to be in a virtual world .

Enter V-Hive, a virtual reality meeting and events platform brought to you by Mann Made – specialists in events, brand experiences and dynamic content creation. We’re using our extensive eventing and conferencing knowledge to create stunning virtual meeting spaces that allow attendees to interact in much the same way they would in real life.


Virtual Reality Events


V-Hive lets you meet with colleagues and associates in a custom-designed virtual venue and discuss projects face to face (or rather, avatar to avatar), with avatars that look just like the participants. 

If participants don’t have a VR headset, they can join the event from their desktop, laptop, or phone via a link, navigating the way one would in a game. 

No more video calls freezing on the precise moment a double chin manifests, or switching your screen between windows to show presentations, videos, and your bewildered face. Participants can host events with a stage and beautifully designed presentations on a screen, just like in the real world.

Multiple screens can be shown, as well as videos, and the event can be streamed live on Youtube to increase engagement. 3d models with animations created by our Animation and Graphics Department can also be brought into the space to support presentations and pitches.


VR conferences V-HIVE

You’re all present in the same virtual room, from anywhere in the world – revolutionizing work and event spaces. Build connections in between breaks in other virtual rooms, with far more people than you would have been able to at a physical event.

A virtual meeting space means that there are no travel limitations and less chance of conflicting schedules since it’s a mere click of a button to attend an event. There are unlimited seats for people who wish to attend through the Youtube stream, increasing reach. And all attendees can sleep soundly at night, knowing that they’ve decreased their carbon footprint by cutting out all that travelling.




The world is on the cusp of a major transformation in the way we communicate and do business. According to Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics, there’s been a  91% growth in remote work over the last 10 years. Of course, with Covid-19, this has increased dramatically, and many people may discover that they don’t actually want to go back to the old way of working.

Video conferencing and streaming has been adopted across the board, and of course it has its place. But Virtual Reality conferencing and meeting spaces bring a new dynamic, and a feeling of intimacy and contact that talking to someone on a flat screen doesn’t quite convey.

Contact us today to chat about how we can collaborate to bring your events and meetings back to life.

Virtual Reality Conferences and Events