Is the Real Epidemic Your Organisation’s Lack of Communication?

organisational communication

By Morena Maoka

As the saying goes, communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life; and without it, it dies. Perhaps an electric circuit is a better example. If there is a fracture anywhere in the circuit, then the electricity fails to flow. The same way the electricity fails to flow if the switch is turned off. Can the same logic be applied to organisational communication? Possibly. 

Without communication, there is no exchange of information and to get started on anything today, you need a piece of information, a clue of some sort. Similarly, for any organisation to keep going in such unprecedented times, they must remain amplified with information otherwise what took years to build can easily come tumbling down. Yep! Communication is that important. So now is the time for any person in the leadership position to figure out how to communicate to employees.

The importance of information

Information is just as important as revenue is in keeping the lights of business on; after all, this is where it all starts. Information keeps us well informed with current advancements in our relative industries. It helps us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively. Information is vital for better management of the workforce, for production, finance and even marketing. This information needs to come from somewhere and needs to be somehow communicated in a way that each individual sitting at home will understand.




Goodbye board meetings; hello remote meetings

We have fast forwarded to the future. Remote offices, the idea of working from home and everything else we described as ‘the future’, is now what we are indefinitely practicing. To stay at the top of their game and within reach of everybody from their organisation, most leaders are leaning towards video conferencing. Although this is nothing new to most people in the corporate world, it is still better to familiarise yourself with all these technologies which allow for effective communication and sharing of information; and ensure that you select a trusted platform or software as these will only continue to grow. 

Here are some of our favourite communication tools this lockdown:



For fans of Virtual Reality, there is no need to keep searching because V-Hive is here. V-Hive is ideal for events and meetings in virtual reality. It is intended for corporate events and even quick meetings. V-Hive is equipped with custom true-life avatars, presentation screens and capabilities, and venue designs. It is ideal in that it restricts the ability or temptation for participants to multitask as they would when on a conference or even a video call. You are guaranteed to have everybody’s attention.

SingularityU South Africa has already put the platform to the test with their Insight Press Global VR conference hosted by V-Hive.


virtual reality conferencing




Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing platforms used worldwide. What most users love about this one is its simplicity and wide range of features. The features include real-time messaging, built-in collaboration tools which allows multiple participants to share their screens simultaneously and the ability to sync with your commonly used Outlook and Gmail calendars so that you don’t forget about your scheduled meetings. 

Zoom is also available on Android and iPhone pretty much what everybody uses today. 




Engage App 

During these times, it’s hyper important to have communication that is inclusive and immediate as well as engaging. Not many platforms allow for this and that is what differentiates the Engage App from the crowd. 

The app encourages multidirectional communication, so fully accommodates feedback and on-the-fly-changes. The importance of seeing how your information is digested by the audience is just as important as what is being communicated. This app offers full analytics as well as live support to ensure that no users are left in the dark.

The app has numerous features to keep users engaged. From one-on-one messaging to an internal/closed social feed & live polling to department recognition and tailored notifications.

Don’t let the lack of communication be the reason for the demise of your organisation. Working from home, you can still keep the electricity flowing and the lights of business on! 


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