Convert Boring Website Copy to Convenient Video

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By Janelle Mulder

How do you grab a hold of an audience’s attention and captivate them; make sure they remember you?


No, video.

In this digital age, where the internet reigns supreme, video sharing platforms have exploded with content.

According to statistics, around 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube daily, Tiktok has more than 800 million active users and Instagram Stories have 500 million users every day. That is a whole lot of video content being created and consumed.

But what does this all mean? It’s simple. People prefer to engage with video content. Gone are the days where an audience feels enticed to read a two page article on your website or your blog. And there is good reason for this:

– Videos are easy to watch.

– Videos are more memorable.

– Watching a short explainer video takes much less time than reading an article detailing the same steps.

– You have a bigger opportunity to creatively incorporate your brand into a video.

And it is exactly here that you have a golden opportunity to engage with your customers and audience in a way that benefits them, which in turn, will benefit you – embracing video.


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And here, ladies and gentleman, is where we come in.

For the past two years we have been converting large bodies of FAQ articles to short and snappy videos, easily digestible.

Having rolled out over 250 FAQ videos for various countries around the world; translated into multiple languages such as German, Hindi, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish and Italian – there isn’t an audience or a country that cannot be reached. Your brand can now have a global presence.

But how do you suppose we produce these large quantities of work? Here’s the secret.

We work smart.

smart video

As professional animators, having years of experience doesn’t mean wrinkles and grey hair, it means quick thinking, sneaky shortcuts and a very efficient workflow.

First, we get all the essential elements that we need from you – brand guidelines, logos, corporate identities and scripts, all to ensure that your videos represent your brand perfectly.

We then use these elements to create the foundation blocks of every video – we won’t be animating the same element dozens of times, instead, we will create a pre render of it, essentially making it a drag and drop element that we can simply import into the project and have it ready. We strive to minimise the amount of repetitive animation, so we can focus on what is important – the content and message of your video.

Then, the magic begins. Our workflow was carefully compartmentalised, meaning there is a little ‘box’ with a label for every step of the animation process: Does this video need to be put on hold due to script changes? Put it in box number 2. And this video is just waiting for the voice over to arrive? Box number 6 it is.

This means that each video is treated individually and we are aware of where each one of them are throughout the creative process.

When it comes to voice overs, we have established a great working relationship with various artists from around the world – so translating your video into a foreign language is a couple of mouse clicks away for us.

And before you know it, you have received beautifully animated videos to replace the copy on your website; improving customer engagement and in turn, business.


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